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New Zealand education, offer excessive support, flexibility, and multiple choices at all levels of education. It is not bounded to any discipline but provides wings to explore skills. With offering wide varieties of programs and courses, New Zealand is the one of the best choice of Asians for higher education. Government of New Zealand takes serious and affected steps to ensure the highest quality of education and standards provided to national and international students. NZQA is the quality assurance body for non-university providers and Private Institutes are required to be registered with NZQA in order to offer an approved course for national and international students. The system is based on British education system due to their influence and providing one of the lowest costing educations in the world on all levels. Secondly there are plenty of work opportunities available for international students as they are allowed to work for 20 hours per week during semester and full time during vacations on temporary jobs.

Fun is unlimited in New Zealand. Alongside education international students enjoy their student life a lot. New Zealand provides amazing opportunities for adventure with thousands of things to do from sporting to mountaineering, surfing to diving etc. You can explore new scenes daily with a drive of just an hour towards any direction.

Student Visa process for New Zealand is the simple and fast. Low document requirements have made the process really easy. However due to the fraudulent activities NZIS have observed in last few years they are taking a strict look outs on the student applications. NZIS always recommend to choose IAA Approved Agents to handle the applications of any sort to lodge with NZIS. Licensed Immigration Advisors are Specialists and had expertise in handling Visa and Immigration matters. They follow the code of conduct and had met the competency standards as set by Immigration Advisors Authority.  Licensed advisers can help you:

  • explore all your visa options and choose the right visa
  • prepare your visa application
  • settle in New Zealand
  • assess whether you can appeal a declined visa
  • assess your options if you are in New Zealand unlawfully


The risks of using a person who is not licensed or exempt are:

  • Your visa application will be returned by Immigration New Zealand (INZ). INZ does not accept applications from unlicensed people acting illegally.
  • unlicensed people may not be honest with you or INZ. Lying on your visa application is a criminal offence and dishonesty may affect your future visas or jobs.
  • Your application may be declined because the unlicensed person has no immigration knowledge or skills.

Remember Stay away from anyone who:

  • Refuses to put their name on your visa application
  • Claims to have personal contacts at INZ
  • Asks you to sign a visa application before it has been filled out. You should never sign a document you don’t understand.

Student Visa

Overseas student file the student visa application with Immigration New Zealand to continue their higher studies starting from Level 2 till level 10 where Level 2 is for school – Primary and Secondary Studies and then rising to level 10.  International student can obtain maximum of 4 years of student Visa through which normally a study gets completed for a Diploma or Degree program. Normally student visa is granted for the duration of the tuition fee paid to the recognised institution. New Zealand offers international students courses for secondary school upto year 12, Diplomas for level 5, 6 and 7, Degrees for Level 7, 8 and 9. Intuitions offering the programs have to get the courses approved from NZQA which in return are accepted all over the world.

To be eligible to study in New Zealand student must have been accepted in a registered full time course by NZQA approved institution.
Student have to show the genuine Interest of study in New Zealand through His documentation which may include but not limited to:

  • The genuine intention to study the proposed course – A detailed Statement of Purpose.
  • Have adequate financial resources to pay Tuition Fee, living and travelling.
  • Required Language Ability
  • Family Financial Circumstances in Home Country including Annual Income
  • Family Immigration History.
  • Meet New Zealand Health and Character Requirements

Student can be allowed to stay Maximum upto 4 years on student visa in New Zealand with Multiple Travel facility. However the duration of the Visa depends on the duration of the course student has opted for. Student gets the option to opt the course packaging with multiple programs with college and universities together.

Financial Capacity and Sponsors:

Student should meet the financial requirements set by Immigration New Zealand for International students. Student must provide the evidence of having enough money with them or with the acceptable financial sponsor to maintain the stay of the student in New Zealand for the duration of their studies. Any document provided in support of the financial evidence should be genuine and verifiable and evidence that the money is genuinely available to support study and living of student in New Zealand.
Only immediate family members such as – Father, Mother, Brother Sister, Grand Parents, Partner/Spouse, or Parent-in-Laws can support the international student for financially. Other to the family support applicant can gain support in form of Education Loan from the acceptable financial institution. No other body or third party can support he student for New Zealand.
Evidence include should confirm to support:

  • Atleast 1 Year or Full course tuition fee
  • NZ $15,000 for a full year of study or NZ $1,250 per month for duration of study
  • documents that show your living costs have been paid or available for support student
  • a 'Sponsorship Form for Temporary Entry' completed by an acceptable sponsor
  • 'Financial Undertaking for a Student' form.

Evidence of Financial Support can include various documents:

wages slips and corresponding bank statements for at least the last 6-12 months showing transfers into financial guarantor’s bank account. Evidence of heavy amount transfer is also required.

Income Tax Returns for the last three years to confirm regular income.

Other evidence of funds can include a fixed-term deposit that is at least six months old, or a General Provident Fund (GPF) or Employer Provident Fund (EPF) statement held with a Reserve Bank of India (RBI) approved financial institution.