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Professional New Zealand Immigration Services in Australia

New Zealand is an adventurous country from sky diving to bungee jumping and wide range of adventurous activities. There are various Visa options available to enter New Zealand. The Skilled Migration category is core to the New Zealand Immigration strategy. The Skilled Migration category offers individuals the opportunity to migrate to New Zealand by helping boost the New Zealand skilled workforce. New Zealand Immigration is designed to minimize the risk of a mismatch between the skills migrants and the skills New Zealand needs. Migration under this category follows a step-by-step application process, from the initial assessment of ability to the settlement stage in New Zealand.

Requirements for New Zealand Immigration

Skilled Migration as name describes itself that a person should have a particular skill and experience which can benefit New Zealand economy can apply under this category. This category works on the principle of Point system designed by Immigration Department. The points are calculated on basis of individuals AGE, QUALIFICATION, WORK EXPERIENCE, JOB OFFER IN NEW ZEALAND, CLOSE FAMILY MEMBER AND ENGLISH LANGUAGE SKILLS.

Currently INZ is accepting application which can claim 160 Points or above. One cannot apply for this visa if he is a business owner or self-employed.

New Zealand Skill Migration Application Process:

  • Calculate points to be claimed under the application process.
  • Get the Qualifications assessed by NZQA to claim points.
  • Obtain a job offer from employer in New Zealand
  • Submit an Expression of Interest
  • Expression of Interest goes into the pool for 12 months period
  • Expressions of Interest are ranked and selected according to current immigration selection criteria every two weeks.
  • If Expression of Interest is approved and selected you receive an invitation to apply
  • Prepare the Skill Migration Application, collect necessary documents to support application and send the application to the office address shown on the invitation to apply letter.
  • Your application is assessed on all claimed points criteria.
  • Visa Officer decides your application and give decision. Possible decisions would be:

Application approved – you received the resident visa

Your application is deferred - You receive a nine-month Job Search temporary visa for the purpose of obtaining an offer of ongoing skilled employment in New Zealand. Once you provide evidence of this to INZ your application will be approved

Application Declined – Application closed. If you have received the Temporary Job Search Visa you can work in New Zealand and get opportunity to lodge another work visa application.

New Zealand Immigration processing is one of the most complicated processes as compared to other countries. OBCO Migration & Educational Consultants with its in depth knowledge and experience helps you to determine your eligibility and process the application to get the faster reverts and decision on the application. We help you in preparing the documents and evidences required to lodge a decision ready application with Immigration New Zealand.

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