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Business & Investment

New Zealand is considered one of the best place to invest in. New Zealand’s unmatched quality of life and stable business environment makes it an ideal place for investment and earn profits. By investing in New Zealand one can enjoy the natural life style he dreamt of in world’s most stunning landscapes. Along with own investment in New Zealand, Government is also helping foreign investors in various ways to establish their business. Few of the industries New Zealand is giving highest output are: Information and Communications Technology, Tourism, Film and Special Effects Production, Biotechnology, Agricultural Research, etc. New Zealand Immigration Policies have also made it easy to invest in New Zealand.

Business Visitor Visa

Want to visit New Zealand for Business Expansion in New Zealand or business activity.

You will be granted visa for no more than 3 months.

  • must evidence a genuine business visit
  • Leave New Zealand before expiry of visa
  • Have adequate financials to support your visit (Personal or employer)

Investor to Resident Visa:

  • Should be under 65 Years of Age
  • Should be able to invest 3 million NZ$ within 4 Years
  • Must have atleast 3 years of business experience
  • Family can be included in this Visa application.

Entrepreneur Work Visa

  • Minimum capital investment of at least NZ$100,000.
  • Must score at least 120 points on points scale as described by NZIS.
  • Provide a business plan for the typr of business to start in New Zealand
  • Can include family in application
  • Must have good language skills
  • Must have good health and character

Applicant will be provided 12 months visa to set up the business and then the visa can be extended.