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OBCO Migration Will Help With Your Family Migration Visa to Australia Needs.

Get expert advice for family migration visa to Australia on the temporary or permanent basis. We will get your family and partner to Australia.

Family Migration program of Australia provides opportunity of Australian Citizens and Permanent Residents to sponsor their family members to migrate to Australia. Family Migration is a really complex and long process, and can be completed only through different steps, including a Sponsorship from your Australian employer in some cases. OBCO Migration & Educational Consultants, based in Melbourne and India helps you lodging the correct application and contacting DIBP for complex and long processing requirements.

Family Migration Visa categories are:

Partner Migration:

There are two Categories under this option – Prospective Marriage Visa or Partner Visa for Spouse or De facto partner.

Spouse of an Australian Permanent Resident or Citizen can apply for the Visa Subclass 309 which allows the partner to migrate on temporary basis to Australia until they are eligible for Permanent Migration.

Parent migration:

There are Two Categories under this option – Contributory and Non Contributory Parent Visa.

Children who are Australian Permanent Residents or Citizens having their parents living alone in other countries can sponsor their parents to Australia. Under the Contributory Visa option, a Sponsor pays a higher application charge to process the application much faster than the normal time and also pay the assurance of support to Australian Government as applicable for each adult applicant included in the application.

Under the Non-contributory category it takes normal time frame to finalize the application which is much longer than the contributory category.

Child Migration:

Child Migration program allows the family to be united for immediate children either natural or adopted or step children. A parent should be Australian Permanent Resident or Citizen and must be eligible to sponsor a child as per the Migration Law of Australia.

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