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Get The Right Assistance For Employer Nominated Visa, Australia

Employer nominated visa applications have grown in popularity as both the Australian Government and independent businesses have recognized the value of using foreign nationals to fill local labour shortages. The Employer Nomination Scheme was introduced due to the lack of the highly skilled professionals available in Australia. This Visa helps Australian employers to nominate highly skilled overseas workers to work for them and fill positions that cannot be filled from within the Australia from any sources available. There is a particular list of occupations under which the specialized employees can be nominated. Under this Visa nominating employer should agree and must pay at least the minimum salary specified for the occupation in a government Gazette Notice, and must be full-time and available for a period of at least 3 years. Positions must also be in accordance with the standards for working conditions provided for in relevant Australian workplace legislation.

The Major Occupational group is ranged for Employer Nominated Visa Australia as following:

  • Managers and Administrators;
  • Professionals;
  • Associate Professionals; and
  • Tradespersons and related workers.

Process of Employer Nominated Visa Australia

The process for nomination and Visa is complicated and have different stages. A nominating employer should complete all obligations and must fulfill the following:

  • Be actively and lawfully operating in Australia;
  • Have a genuine need for a highly skilled employee to fill a position
  • Have a satisfactory record of compliance with immigration law and workplace relations law;
  • Have a commitment to training existing Australian employees.
  • Nominating position should be full-time and available for at least 3 years;
  • Is in accordance with the standards for working conditions provided under Australian industrial laws;
  • Occupation is listed in the nominated List of Occupations
  • Salary offered is at least the minimum salary that has been published in a government Gazette Notice for the occupation.

To apply for Employer Nominated Visa an applicant must be

  • nominated by an Australian employer to fill a position that meets the nomination requirements;
  • Be under 45 years of age;
  • Have vocational English language ability;
  • Meet health and character requirements;

In certain occupations it is necessary to have the qualifications and work experience of the applicant be assessed by the concerned assessing authority of Australia.

Why Choose OBCO for Employer Nominated Visa Australia

OBCO Migration & Educational Consultants helps in determining the necessity of assessment and process the assessment application by preparing the application and lodging with relevant assessing authority. This process is not simple as number of documentary evidences is required to be prepared for successful outcome. Our team of experts will guide applicants and employers thoroughly for each and every process of application.

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