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‘Integrated, robust and renowned’ makes the Australian education system amongst the best in the world. The country offers a diverse range of options for international students, with over 22,000 courses to choose from and more than 1,200 institutions. Australia also follows an integrated education system which is supported by Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF). This national policy is implemented to regulate qualifications across schools, vocational education, training, higher education.

In Australia, the students can study at all levels of education, including a wide range of subjects at university level. Regardless of what is being studied and for how long, the Australian laws promote protection for international students with quality education.

provide nationally consistent standards for providers of education and training for international students. The nationally consistent standards for education providers and training for international students are regulated by,

  • Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS) Act 2000
  • National Code of Practice (opens in a new window) for Registration Authorities and Providers of Education and Training to Overseas Students 2007
  • Regulatory and quality assurance organizations for higher education and VET institutions


English is the official language of Australia and also the main language of instruction in education institutions. Though, many academic institutions offer bilingual programs in secondary languages.


It regulates the education qualifications in Australia into a national system. This eventually allows the international students to move from one education level to the next within the nationally-accredited framework of education, including universities, vocational education bodies, and English language institutions.

WHY STUDY IN AUSTRALIA? Education in Australia is accompanied by laid-back nature and high standard of living. There are many reasons for international students to study in Australia, including,

  • Friendly natives, cultural diversity, and high quality of education
  • Impressive international reputation of the Australian education system
  • Standard of living amongst the highest in the world
  • International students can work part time while they study
  • Diversity in education with courses and degrees
  • It is the forefront of research, new technology and innovations
  • International students are allowed to work for up to 20 hours per week while studying in Australia

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