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Complete Information on Canada Visa Application Requirements - Apply Now.

OBCO Migration & Educational Consultants is your number one source for Canada Visa application being – a Student, Family, partner, parents, spouse of a student and many more…. We’re dedicated to giving you the very best of visa advise, with a focus on dependability, customer service and uniqueness.

Director and the staff is very much passionate for helping students & professionals be more clear and accurate providing with the best opportunities available for their clients and drove them to do intense research for the rules, regulations and gave the impetus to turn hard work and inspiration into to a booming Canada Visa Application Consultant.

Canada's Trusted Visa Application Consultant

OBCO have unique footprint in India, Australia, New Zealand with diverse, dynamic and committed team of Canada Visa Application professionals to work towards the best outcome of our clients. Our passion remains as strong as it was in the first year of operations and when we filed our first application. Today we have grown to the highest rating success stories for Student, Residency Visas to Australia and New Zealand and tourist and Student Visas to Canada making us standout of competition.

Our Pillars of Canada Visa Consultant success stands on:

  • Simplicity – Make the process simple and clear
  • Passion – Deal the applications with passion and love
  • Craft – Each day try harder and get better in what we do
  • Community –Clients are the best thing
  • Collaborate – Good relationships with clients through services offered
  • Honesty – Do the best with clients and honest in work
  • Accuracy – Doing things with precision for optimum results

Canada Visa Application towards Higher Education

We provide options for Students towards higher education in Canada in different states and cities, representing best institutes and universities making Canada student and Visa application process an ease for the clients.

Canada Visa Application and Admission process begins with the registration with us, which will start with selecting right college or university.

  • We will select three colleges or universities as per the choice of program and choice of location. There are number of documents required for the admission process along with language ability. A checklist is given to the registered candidates for ease of collecting documents. Once the documents are complete we will forward the application to the institutes selected along with the Application fees collected from candidate.
  • Candidate receives the Offer of Place and is asked to undergo medical examination from panel doctor.
  • Student pays GIC and get the evidence of the same from a Scotia bank, for the amount of $10,200 CAD towards the first year living expenses and evidence of payment for of first year’s tuition fee
  • Once the tuition fee is paid institute issues the Payment receipt which is required to lodge the Visa Application.
  • We prepare the Visa application and will provide another checklist to prepare the Visa Application Documents for lodgment.
  • Once the application is lodged CIC provides the Outcome of the application
  • Visa granted student prepares to travel to Canada.