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Need Help With an Australian Citizenship Visa Application?

If you have enjoyed the life in Australia and want to live your happy life with your family in Australia, applying for Australian citizenship would be good option after the completion of the Resident Visa. Most people love to live in Australia and being a citizen of one of the most beautiful country in world is the widest course of action to full fill the dreams. However the Australian Citizenship Visa process is complicated and filled with very strict requirements and obligations. It may take years for the application process to complete from start to finish as regular changes may affect you application from time to time.

Why Choose OBCO for Australian Citizenship Visa

OBCO Migration & Educational Consultants helps for the complicated process of the Australian Citizenship Visa Application to become an ease for the clients by preparing the proofed application and documents. Most recently in April 2017 following changes have been implemented in the application process:

  • That applicants hold their Australian permanent residence for longer
    • The last 4 years, on any temporary, permanent or bridging visa, with a maximum of 12 months overseas; and
    • The last 12 months, on a permanent visa, with a maximum of 3 months overseas
  • Formal English language testing
  • A revised Citizenship test
  • Evidence that applicants show that they have integrated into Australian society

Applicant need to demonstrate their integration into the Australian community by providing documentation on their integration into Australian society. This is likely to include providing evidence that you are:

  • Working, are actively looking for work or seeking to educate yourself
  • Actively involved in community or voluntary organisations
  • Properly paying your taxes
  • Ensuring your children are attending school

Few Facts which have adverse effect on the Australian citizenship application:

  • Criminal records
  • Breaching social security laws
  • Family Violence including any AVOs
  • Involvement in gangs and organised crime

These evidences give Immigration more discretion to refuse applicants who are not sufficiently integrated into Australian society.

OBCO Australian Citizenship Visa Consultants with the vast knowledge and CPD’s will help you determine if you are eligible for applying Australian citizenship. Once the eligibility is confirmed you will need to collect the original and copies of all necessary documents as required.  However, this is not as easy as it sounds because there are very strict requirements about getting the appropriate certifications to prove that everything is genuine and correct. We will then fill out application forms and lodge the application on your behalf.

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