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If you are a non-citizen of Australia but a permanent resident and wish to travel abroad and would like to return to Australia you are required to have a visa to re-enter the country in case your visa is about to or has been expired. To apply for Australian returning resident visa you must have spent 2 years, within the last 5 living in Australia and be:

  • an Australian permanent resident
  • a former Australian permanent resident whose last permanent visa was not cancelled
  • a former Australian citizen who lost or resigned your citizenship. For example, because you became a national of another country that did not allow double citizenship.

MARA Approved Returning Resident Visa Australia

Is your Australian permanent residency visa to expire? Looking to apply for a visa in order to travel overseas? You may be able to apply for a returning resident visa in Australia.

Being a MARA Agent, OBCO Migration & Educational Consultant’s Australian Returning Visa Application Service is excellent and beyond the range of common services providing full assistance with all aspects of the application.

Starting from the filling of application forms, collection of required documents and lodging the visa application online for fast processing through the registered MARA Agent approved by DIBP. The complete and detailed guidance for the visa application till the visa grant walking through the smooth pathway is the ultimate goal of the company for its client.

The Australia Returning Visa application process starts with collecting the evidences of the information to be provided to the department in the application. The application is lodged through OBCO Migration official account and the correspondence with department is done by the company on the clients behalf giving the stress free environment to the applicant.

Typically an RRV (Returning Resident Visa) applicant will be required to have spent at least two years within the last five in Australia to be eligible for an RRV. Alternatively, if an applicant can suitably demonstrate that they have substantial ties to Australia – such as family members or employment – they may also be eligible for an RRV. However, unlike other categories of visa, the requirements are less stringent and you may be eligible for an RRV even if you do not meet the basic eligibility requirements.

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